I .12 months' guarantee of service, as long as you buy our products; And you can come our company or our selling agents showing the invoice or receipt to exchange in 3 months if you have those problems below :
1. The spoilage and damage created in transportation.
2. The technical specifications were certificated by national technical examination and identification organizations. Such as, precision, offset drift , anti-jamming, reliability , etc. can not achieve the datas stated in the technical introduction .
3. There are damages in use or function decline checked up by quality examination organization and gauged to prove .
4. You can return to our quality examination department if product affection declines.But it's quality problem after checkup.
5. If you find the model you ordered is not fit for your practical needs after bought, you can return it and get another model. But if the price is different between two of them, customers must pay price difference for our company . Instead, we needn't. If the product you ordered has been used , you can only change it for the same model as you bought.
II. What we sale can not be changed if there are those problems listed below. But you can enjoy servicing after sale.
1. There are man-made shape distortion , damage and burnout of inner circuit because of wrong connection in use ,but the products you has used are of value for servicing.
2. If meter's shape, number, label and its attachment spoils and damages, or it gets outworn obviously.
3. If users change the inner circuit of meter in use.
4. It can not be calibrated when user make a routine calibration one time per year.
III.The expenses caused because of quality problems and in time of guarantee after sale will be undertaken by our company while exchanging and servicing.

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